Survival shows for new idol groups are always a big hit in SK. Last May, BigHit which is the company behind BTS announced that they will be forming a new idol group consisting of 12 members. The selection process will be done via a survival show called, “I-LAND”. The show premiered last June 26, 2020, presenting 23 BigHit trainees from different Asian countries.

After watching the initial episode, I must say that the structure of the program is quite impressive. All trainees performed their best acts and each was rated by their co-trainees if they should be part of the 12 i-landers who will debut. By the end of episode 1, the trainees have identified those whom they believe have the talent to debut and those that still need more training were sent to the Ground.

One trainee that caught my attention was K. I love his duality. His face looks so innocent, but he transforms into sexy man once he starts dancing. He is a 22 years old Japanese trainee. He loves to run and joins marathon events before deciding to become an idol.

As of this writing, the first part of the program has come to an end. The producers and the trainees have voted who were the 6 i-landers that deserves to debut. While, next week we will learn who are the 6 Grounders who will complete the group based from the global viewers’ votes.

While I enjoy watching their performances every week, I can’t help but compare this competition to the real world, where we always compete with one another to achieve our goals. From watching this show, we will realize the importance of being competitive, assertive and we will be reminded by these boys that if we give our all in everything that we do, we will live our lives without any regrets.

Photo by: ss_shawarmy